One of the many benefits of getting involved with Blue Region Scuba’s quality training is that the options for specializing your interests are enormous.  Do you like adventure?  Have a thing for history? Are you fascinated with marine biology?  Or do you just aspire to be the best photographer out there so you can capture unique moments, both in still and video, and share them with your friends, family, and social media?

Once you are Blue Region Scuba PADI Open Water certified (or from another agency) you can proceed to explore a wide array of activities that may peak your interest into venturing into another realm of scuba diving.  You may already have the answer to the direction you want to go, but if you don’t, let’s explore some of your options.

Blue Region Scuba supports and trains divers that are ecological friendly.  We support PADI’s Project AWARE Programs that give us divers the ability to become Ocean Ambassadors that can understand the issues and help protect the Ocean environment.

We have heard some talk from one scuba training agency and their instructors that people do not need specialties that they will learn when diving.  Some of that is true, but don’t you think that the more you know about a specific section of diving and have been under the supervision of a Professional PADI Scuba Instructor that has extensive experience in the type of diving you want to do increase your knowledge and SAFETY?  Yes it does and the increased knowledge, skill sets and SAFETY is worth the time and effort in taking Blue Region Scuba PADI Specialty courses.  The Professional Scuba Staff of Blue Region Scuba wants you to be a safe diver that spends their lifetime enjoying this wonderful sport.  PADI Is The Way The World Learns To Dive and Blue Region Scuba Is The Way Eastern North Carolina learns to dive SAFELY and Enjoys the Underwater World!

All divers would be safer and enjoy the underwater world if they became a PADI Master Scuba Diver.  These are the ultimate trained divers in the recreational world.  Everywhere you go in the world the PADI Master Diver certification demands respect as they have better knowledge, better skills and better diving habits.  70-80% of all certifications worldwide are PADI.  PADI Is The Way The World Learns To Dive!  To achieve the PADI Master Diver certification you need to have PADI Open Water, PADI Advanced Open Water, PADI Rescue Diver, minimum 50 dives, and 5 PADI Specialties. That is quite an accomplishment and the diving world recognizes that with PADI Master Diver certification you are a better trained and safer diver. 

Next Logical and Safe Step is the Blue Region Scuba PADI Adventure Diver Course if you are an Open Water Diver in any agency

Try taking the BRS PADI Adventure Diver course if you want to see what the options are before focusing on one specialty. The PADI Adventure Diver course will give you an overview of five different PADI specialties. Two of the required Adventure Dives, which is required for the Coveted PADI Master Diver Certification, is Underwater Navigator and Deep Diver.  The other three includes Adventure Dives featuring Peak Performance Buoyancy, Search and Recovery and Wreck Diver.  The PADI Adventurer Diver course has a total of 5 different Adventure Dives so you will be able to narrow down your interests.  All divers need to navigate underwater with confidence and the 60 fsw suggested limit on Open Water Divers does limit individuals.  The Deep Diver Adventure Dive is your start to exploring the depths to 100 fsw.  It is a good way to get a start on your BRS PADI Specialties as the Adventure Dives taken during this course counts as the first dive in that specific BRS PADI Specialty.

Let’s look a little further

The PADI Enriched Air Diver course is probably one of the most popular courses available and most definitely at BRS. As a matter of fact, many divers are now taking this course in conjunction with their PADI Adventurer Diver course or as a stand-alone after they have been certified as a PADI Open Water Diver.   One of the reasons why Enriched Air is a logical step in advancing your education in diving is because you will soon find that extending your bottom time after multiple dives means a lot at the end of the day, along with increased safety margins.  Understanding how diving Enriched Air works is also a good first step into diving off the NC Coastline or in the world of technical diving.  Off the North Carolina Coast we dive deeper than the Florida or Caribbean divers because we have fantastic sites below the 100 fsw threshold.  Your skill sets need to be honed to become a safe diver that enjoys these depths.  The PADI Deep Diver Specialty is a natural, and really a necessity, off the NC Coast.  The PADI Wreck Diver Specialty helps you understand the wonders and subdued beauty of wrecks off our coast and other places. 

What peaks your interest?

Many divers want to parallel their interests with specialties in scuba diving.  Some find that taking PADI Specialties increases their interests in underwater exploration.  Blue Region Scuba and PADI have those specialties available that are very close to your current hobbies or interests.  If you are interested in ecology, beauty or exhilarating dives, then the PADI Project Aware Shark Conservation, PADI Project AWARE Dives Against Debris, or knowing more about the waters of our world in the PADI Project AWARE Specialty then you are a Blue Region Scuba and PADI Diver.  How about diving off of the World War II Wrecks or contemporary wrecks off our wonderful North Carolina Coast?  Learn to find lost items underwater in the PADI Search & Recovery Specialty.  Know the physiological and psychological effects of deeper diving and doing it SAFELY!   If you have a love for archaeology or history, you can take a PADI Wreck Diving course and a Deep Diver course, and dive some incredible sunken chapters of history off our coast, The Graveyard of the Atlantic.  Explore historic bits and pieces that very few people have access to. The bottom line is: whether it is photography and learning how to capture magic through the viewfinder, being an PADI Rescue Diver, or understanding the marine and freshwater environments with all of the Project AWARE programs, Blue Region Scuba and PADI most certainly has something that will interest you.

Some of the more popular PADI Specialties at Blue Region Scuba are:

·         PADI Enriched Air Diver ~ Increase your dive time and add safety to your underwater explorations.  5 Reasons for Enriched Air 1) Longer Bottom Times, 2) Shorter Surface Intervals, 3) Longer Repetitive Dives, 4) Increased Safety and 5) You are not as fatigued after an Enriched Air Dive.  Click for more information

·         PADI Deep Diver ~ The natural progression for scuba divers as they progress in training is:  Open Water Diver 60 fsw, Advanced Open Water Diver 100 fsw and with Deep Diver Certification 130 fsw.  Deeper diving takes additional skills.  4 Qualification Dives are required.  Click for more information

·         PADI Wreck Diver ~ Learning to navigate wrecks safely is a skill set that you need to avoid dangers when wreck diving.  4 Qualification Dives are required.  Click for more information

·         PADI Underwater Navigator ~ knowing where you are while you are underwater is important and this course helps you understand and put into practice the skills needed to navigate properly with a compass. 3 Qualification Dives are required.  Click for more information

·         PADI Project AWARE Specialty ~ Project AWARE Specialty is an introduction to oceanography and hydrology and the stress we put on our waterways.  Project AWARE is a global force of divers joining together to protect the oceans.  Click for more information

·         padi Project AWARE Shark Awareness Specialty ~ This program educates divers on shark conservation.  We are losing numbers of sharks and the ocean is becoming stressed with the loss of these animals.  Get to know these beautiful animals.  2 Dives are required. Click for more information

·         padi Project AWARE Dive for Debris Specialty ~ Taking care of our water ways is important and in this program you will learn how our waste affects the oceans and how we as divers can help correct this problem.  1 dive is required. Click for more information

·         PADI Underwater Digital Photography ~ There is a difference in photographs and snapshots.  Photographs take certain skill sets that you need to know to create wall hangers and pictures you will be proud to share on social media with your friends. 2 Open Water dives are required.  Click for more information

·         PADI Boat Diving Specialty ~ Which type of boat dives interest you?  Would you like to stay a week on a luxury live-aboard, a day boat or a private boat?  Learn about safety items that need to be on any dive boat and items that you need on a boat. 2 Open Water Dives are required.  Click for more information

·         PADI Emergency First Response ~ Can you help someone in need?  The PADI EFR course is designed for the workplace, dive situations and everyday life.  Learn proper techniques in CPR, AED and First Aid to help others in need.  This course is needed to finish the PADI Rescue Diver Course  Click for more information

·         PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy ~ This is the course that every new diver, and some older divers that have poor buoyancy, needs to take.  This will get you corrected on trim and weighting.  Learn the techniques to make your diving more enjoyable.  2 Open Water Dives are required.   Click for more information

·         PADI Cavern Diver ~ Learn the proper techniques for entering caverns safely, running lines and ways to make cavern diving safer.  This course is required for any into into cave diving.  4 Open Water Dives are required.  Click for more information

·         PADI Dry Suit Diver ~ Diving dry is a little more complicated than using a wetsuit.  You have to learn to manage the bubble.  With instruction and practice during the 2 required open water dives you will learn to dive dry.  Click for more information

·         PADI Search & Recovery ~ Learning to find things underwater is FUN.  Everyone that takes this course states that it is the most FUN they have ever had in a diving specialty.   You will learn ways to search in order to give the best results plus after you find the item, you will use lift bags to bring them to the surface.  Learn knot tying for S&R.  4 Open Water Dives are required.  Click for more information

·         PADI Night Diver ~ Corals bloom at night.  You have a change of shifts in the ocean from day to night.  Night diving is enjoyable as the colors with the bright lights we take down pop and you feel a calming effect of the dark.  3 Open Water dives are required.  Click for more information

·         PADI Equipment Specialist ~ Learning to better care of your scuba equipment is the purpose of this course.  Things you can do as a non-technician that can help salvage a dive.  Click for more information

If you are still not 100% sure and not ready to commit – COME DIVING WITH THE STAFF OF BRS and enjoy the excitement!  Come with BRS on one of our out of country Adventures or one of our local North Carolina Diving Adventures.


Learn more about all the different PADI courses by clicking below or stopping by Blue Region Scuba and talk to a Professional PADI Scuba Instructor.


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