1. You are assured of quality backed by Blue Region Scuba. Your Satisfaction IS Guaranteed! We don\'t ask for "non-refundable" deposits on our trips and classes or just give "store credit" on returned merchandise.  Beware of those who do because they don\'t have your best interest at heart!  All of Blue Region Scuba\'s personnel are diving instructors, not just non-diving or beginning diver clerks that don't know diving ins and outs first hand.  When you want to ask questions, Blue Region Scuba's Professional Instructors are there to assist you in your decision.

2.  Your training is done by Professional Diving Instructors. This is not a part-time venture for us, it is our profession.  Our staff is not part-time college students or 2 week wonders but real life diving professionals.  Our staff is recognized by the diving industry as the highest trained Professionals with awards, recognition and credentials from the diving industry.  There is no one else in Eastern North Carolina with the coveted Platinum Pro 5000 award (the PhD of Diving) which has been given to only a few divers in the United States.  Our staff has 2 Professional Instructor Trainers full time in store 40+ hours a week.  Blue Region Scuba helps you become a life long diver that cares about the environment.

3.  When you finish our diving courses, you will better understand diving and have a higher comfort level. For your health and safety, we take nothing for granted and your training will have no equal anywhere in Eastern North Carolina.  Blue Region Scuba's Professional Diving Instructors make sure YOUR training is the highest of quality as the courses at BRS are complete diver training with comprehensive real world training.  We use the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) certification agency because it is the largest and most respected training in the industry with awards eclipsing any other certifying agency.  You have to take 2 courses (and pay a great deal more) of any other dive shop to equal Blue Region Scuba's Dive Safe Open Water course.  We don\'t teach "Advanced Lite" courses as the other shops in the area, we teach full, comprehensive and real world Beginning and Advanced Diving.  At Blue Region Scuba, we train Life Long Divers that care about the environment.

4.  Learning to dive is a unique experience and YOU should be trained properly. Blue Region Scuba teaches real world diving, not just theoretical out of date information.  Blue Region Scuba utilizes the award winning PADI materials, not just handouts as others do.  The equipment you learn on is modern and cutting edge.  You are trained in weight integrated buoyancy systems (we don't you to have to use old fashioned weight belts, they are horribly uncomfortable and unsafe as they can turn to your back during a dive and in an emergency hard to find the buckle to release your weight systems) to insure your comfort, safety and enjoyment.  The breathing systems you will learn on are extremely performing systems by Aqualung (the best equipment on today's market: ONLY THE BEST FOR YOU, after all it is only life support).  We don't believe in making you learn in inexpensive, harder to breath piston regulators that other training facilities put you in because it is cheaper for them.  You will learn diving in real world settings.  All and all, our Aqualung equipment is of higher quality than others and is the absolute #1 brand of diving equipment on today's market.  The final word is YOUR SAFETY and with Blue Region Scuba's equipment, you will learn in more comfort with SAFETY is of utmost importance to our Professional Instructors.

5. Blue Region Scuba has a "no cry after you buy" program. We offer a 30 day exchange guarantee on any of Aqualung products (Aqualung, Apeks, & DeepSee).  Take it and use it and if you are not 100% satisfied, we will exchange it for anything in the store.  Do you know anyone else that offers this 100% satisfaction guarantee?  We don't!!!  We can offer this because Aqualung has the highest performing and best products on today's market.  We have an unconditional, no-questions asked return policy for any other unused equipment for a full refund for 30 days after purchase.

6. Blue Region Scuba has been in business 32+ years. Unlike others in the are that falsely claim they have been around for 35+ years,  We have really been in business this long. We have been in Greenville under a single ownership longer than any other dive store in Pitt County.  Blue Region Scuba only handles the highest quality diving equipment and the pinnacle of dive training.  You can count on us, we will be there when you need us.  Blue Region Scuba offers more diving trips, local diving and has the largest dive club in Eastern North Carolina.  This means more FUN in the Sun for YOU.

7. You have different equipment purchasing plans. Credit card, outside financing, cash or 0% in house financing. You have flexibility to dive more and be safer with your own personally fitted Life Support System.

8. We maintain your lifetime free service parts program. You can be assured all warranty parts are in stock and available for you when you need your equipment serviced. No waiting for orders to come in.

9. Professional factory trained technicians. You have the knowledge and comfort knowing your equipment is being serviced by qualified professional technicians. Blue Region Scuba's Professional Equipment Technicians have a total of over 50+ years of service experience.  We service all brands and can keep YOUR equipment under factory warranty.

10. We remind you when it's time for your equipment's annual service. You can count on it.

11. We offer courtesy pre-trip service checks between servicing dates of your equipment to anyone who purchases their diving equipment from us. When you go out of country or just on any dive trip, you will now your equipment is functioning properly and safely.  We want you to dive comfortably and safely, so quick check ups are a pleasure for us to offer you.

12. We offer a 2-year in-house unconditional guarantee on any Aqualung air delivery systems, buoyancy control systems and gas management systems we sell (excluding batteries). All you have to do is keep your equipment timely serviced with us. This is awesome! Do you know of any other dive shop that will offer this? WE DON'T!  Compare that to most brands two year warranty.  You will save hundreds of dollars over other brands for the years you own your equipment.

13. After 200+ years combined diving experience, we know equipment. We only support the proven best manufacturers in the scuba business, just the safest and finest equipment backed by Blue Region's phenomenal service!  All of our personnel are Professional Dive Instructors, not just sales clerks; we know diving equipment first hand.  We don\'t just handle equipment from a manufacturer for the names sake, we evaluate and test equipment we handle to assure it is the finest on the market.  If it is at Blue Region Scuba, it is the best and safest equipment for YOU.

11. Blue Region Scuba is a 5 Star PADI Facility. BRS is proud to represent the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) in Greenville.  PADI is the largest certification agency in scuba.  Depending on who cooks the numbers, but somewhere between 70-80% of all certifications world-wide are issue thru PADI.  Better materials, higher quality and higher recognition to you the diver!