Blue Region Scuba's

Florida Manatee and Springs Adventure

February 2rd - 25th, 2018

This is a great place to do your qualification dives or your Advanced Dives!

If you have not done this great BRS Adventure, you are missing out on some great FUN!  This is a trip to do again and again as it is laid back with great diving, great food and great company with the fantastic divers of Blue Region Scuba.  It is fantastic to look eye to eye to one of the large Manatee and enjoy the interaction of man and animal.  These big critters enjoy the human touch and will be around you wanting to be rubbed.  Get your camera's ready as there will be plenty of photo ops.  Diving in the crystal clear waters of the Florida Springs is a welcome relief to the cooler temps in Eastern NC during the month of February.  The water is always a constant 72 degrees and generally the weather is warmer than home.  We will be moving most of the day so the days are exciting and full of diving and site seeing. 

The Springs of Florida are just plain fun to dive.  Crystal clear water and a warm 72 degree temperature.  We will venture into caverns, watch sand boil, enjoy the darkness of the caverns, watch the fish swim by and just float looking at the local flora and fauna.  In the cold winter months in North Carolina, it is pleasant visiting a more temperate area.

This trip is two trips in one.  You can just do the Springs Adventure or add the Manatee Encounter to the trip for a two-fer.  Here is the approximate schedule (please note that as with mice and dive leaders, some things are subject to change).

Thursday AM

We will leave Greenville

at approx. 5 am and

arrive at our destination

at approx. 4 pm

Friday AM

We will leave the motel

early to enjoy the Manatee.

We will eat breakfast and

be on the boat by 7 am

Saturday AM

We will be leaving the motel

early to dive another of

Florida's clear waters.

Sunday AM

This will be a leisurely drive


Thursday PM

We will relax until about

6 and go eat at a good


Friday PM

Lunch and then The Blue

Grotto for the evening


Saturday PM

A float down the Itch with

beautiful sites above and

below the water.

Sunday PM

We arrive home and it'sBack to