Local North Carolina Diving

Let's go down for some Fish and Ships!

We are fortunate with the fantastic diving we have off the North Carolina coast and local lakes and quarries.  We are able to dive year around with generally good visibility and warm waters from May to November inshore and all year offshore.  North Carolina is noted for it's wreck diving and large animal encounters.   We look forward to having you on-board or at one of the Club Aquarius get togethers at Fantasy Lake or Radio Island.

Offshore North Carolina, we have 3 German WWII Submarines, loads of cargo vessels sunk by the subs, an American Sub, a USN Cable Layer, and other notable vessels that are waiting for you to explore.  NC is the breeding ground for the Atlantic Sand Tiger Shark and on any summer's day you will most likely swim side by side with one of these beautiful creatures on some of the wrecks.  Large grouper, flounder, and tropicals (yes, just like you find in Florida and the Caribbean) are present off our beautiful coast.

We have charters going off the coast (see the dates below), Florida Adventures, Caribbean Adventures, Pacific Adventures, and almost weekly treks to Fantasy Lake where we cook out, dive and just enjoy each others company.  Hey, We Be Divin'!

For the charters or to put your name on the list for the weekend treks to Fantasy Lake, call the store at 321-2670 to put your name in the hat.  If you don't see a date you want, call and let's get that date together for you!

2016 Schedule


24th  Inshore Charter


1st   Spearfishing Charter Offshore    FULL

15th  Inshore Charter

29th  Offshore Charter


12th  Inshore Charter

26th  Offshore Charter


17th  Inshore Charter

24th  Offshore Charter

31st  Inshore Charter


14th  Inshore Charter

28th  Offshore Charter


More to come!

NC Charter Policies:  1) Total due at time of signing up

2) No refunds on cancellation 15 days out unless we can get your spot filled.  If we can, a full refund is given.

Secure your spots today and we will see you there divers!