Blue Region Scuba can change your life and make it more enjoyable!

Can you imagine floating weightless observing Mother Ocean and King Neptune’s domain as a creature of the blue feeling the stress of surface living just float away on the gentle ocean currents?  The colors of the corals and marine life will amaze and dazzle you with the hues not seen on the surface.  The vivid reds, yellows, pinks, blues that no photograph can rival will swim in your memories forever.  No cell phones, no office calls, no faxes, no competition, and not a care in the world.  It’s just you selfishly enjoying the beauty only seen by a few adventurers.  Are you adventurous?  With the Earth being covered about 70% water, do you have the desire to see beneath the waves.  Scuba diving may be the therapeutic treatment you need for a hustle and bustle of the surface world,  Cousteau once said that when scuba diving you can fly in any direction…up, down & sideways,  underwater man becomes an archangel.  Come fly with us and enjoy life more!

Blue Region Scuba can help you relax and enjoy life more.  Blue Region Scuba does not rush you!  We take the time to ensure you are SAFE, enjoy yourself, and a turned on diver.  Diving is safe (especially the Blue Region Scuba and PADI way), easy and very enjoyable and best of all relaxing and FUN.  Diving is one of the best ways for families to enjoy clean FUN together and create better bonds with friends and family.  Giving young people the gift of the underwater world will stick with them their entire life giving them respect for other creatures, ocean ecology, and the freedom of weightless.  Included in YOUR open water learn to dive course is an ecology specialty course that will count towards the coveted PADI Master Scuba Diver.


WARNING:  Learning to dive the Blue Region Scuba way can cause unusual side affects such as uncontrolled smiling, a peaceful mental state, a body that is placed in a relaxed state, knowledge of Tropical cultures traveling with BRS, and lingering memories of extended and memorable pleasures.

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Want to become a scuba diver?

You've always been the one with the thirst. That nagging ambition to just go. That curious impulse to seek and explore. And yet, two-thirds of your world remains a mystery. It isn't about what you see, or where you go. It's about being what you're meant to be...

Be adventurous.
Be amazed.
Be a diver.

Blue Region Scuba standard course is $379 + ow crew pack. or BRS Executive PADI on-line training $599 + crew pack.