Open Water Diver


Imagine yourself hovering weightlessly above a multi-colored coral bottom with King Neptune's subjects hardly noticing you thinking you are one of their own!  The beauty is in every direction from the azure colored water above you to the brilliantly painted canvas of colors that would even make Van Gogh green with envy.  OR How about hovering beside a WWII German Submarine that was once a prowling beast of the Atlantic but now is at peace with it's "crew" now being subjects of King Neptune's Kingdom.  The world is your oyster and Blue Region Scuba can help you explore the underwater world with safe and caring instruction.

Are you a photographer, well you will be able to experience colors on your paper palette that is not available on the dry portion of our planet.  If you love history, swim beside times past and hover over decks of warships where man's inhumanity to man walks like a ghost haunting our forefathers.  If you love beauty, you are about to experience an eclectic vision.  If you love freedom, you can fly in any direction you desire, up, down and sideways, as if you are an archangel.  If you love nature, welcome to a world where you are accepted and viewed as a curiosity, not a threat.  You can truly experience anything you desire under the azure lucid waters of our blue planet.

Diving has a lot of misconceptions brought about by individuals who desire to make it sound a lot more dangerous than it truly is.  Done properly, diving is extremely safe, enjoyable and a total blast.  It is easy!  The equipment you will utilize at Blue Region Scuba is the finest on today's market and it will make your open water experience so enjoyable you will wonder why you have waited so long to begin this fantastic lifetime pastime.

Learning to dive the Blue Region Scuba way is safe, easy and FUN.

Blue Region Scuba offers the highest educational value in the area.  We teach a COMPLETE open water course giving you the skills to be a SAFER, MORE SECURE IN YOU SKILLS AND A MUCH MORE TURNED ON DIVER.  You have to take two or more courses from other dive stores to equal Blue Region Scuba's Dive Safe Open Water course.  You will enjoy yourself during your course as well as after with Blue Region Scuba's Club Aquarius where we dive and have FUN year around.  Blue Region Scuba spends more time with you ensuring your diving comfort and SAFETY.  Personal attention is the order of the day for the Staff of BRS.  PLUS BRS also includes the prized Project AWARE PADI Specialty in the BRS Open Water Course.  This is a $79 value in dollars but extremely valuable in lessons to protect our oceans.

Learning to dive the Blue Region Scuba way is easy and safe with Blue Region Scuba's Professional and caring instructors!  Classes are held monthly with Private or Executive Home Study on your schedule.

Skills you'll learn in Blue Regions Learn to Dive Program:

  • Air Consumption Calculations
  • Air Sharing (Alternate Air Source)
  • Air Sharing (Swimming)
  • Air Sharing Ascent (Alternate Air Source)
  • Buddy Aid and Assistance
  • Buoyancy Procedures
  • Buoyancy Techniques
  • Buoyancy Control (Power and Oral)
  • Controlled Ascent
  • Controlled Emergency Ascent
  • Controlled Descent
  • Emergency Swimming Ascent
  • Emergency Buoyant Ascent
  • Entry from level platforms
  • Entry from raised platforms
  • Equipment assembly and care
  • Exit on Platforms
  • Exit on Shore
  • Inflation of Buoyancy System (Bobbing Method)
  • Inflation of Buoyancy System (Power Method)
  • Inflation of Surface Marker
  • Mask Clearing
  • Mask Removal and Replacement
  • Navigation
  • Proper Kicking techniques
  • Proper Weighting
  • Proper Trim
  • Regulator Clearing ( Blowing, purging and displacement)
  • Regulator Retrieval (Sweeping and Reaching)
  • Removing and Replacing Scuba Unit (Surface Water)
  • Removing and Replacing Weight System (Surface of Water)
  • Rescue Skills
  • Surface Dives
  • Surface Procedures
  • Surface Swim
  • Surfacing
  • Tank Band Underwater removal and replacement
  • Water Rescue (beginning)
  • Weight System ditching

Don't just learn to Dive, love to Dive!